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Video on the PLUTO program to de-risk geothermal investment in Turkey

In a short video by the Climate Investment Funds taken in parts at the IGC Turkey Geothermal Conference in Izmir, June 2016, CIF describes Turkey’s geothermal development ambitions and the role of the PLUTO risk mitigation program.

Earlier this month, we reported on a large investment package for Turkey’s geothermal development efforts by the World Bank and the Climate Investment Funds.

In a video published about a week ago, CIF talks about the PLUTO program set up by EBRD and Climate Investment Funds to help deal with geothermal exploration risk in Turkey.

Taken in parts at the IGC Turkey geothermal conference in Izmir, the video highlights the big ambitions of Turkey for geothermal energy in its energy mix for the future and how PLUTO can help mitigate risk connected to drilling for geothermal resources in the country.

Source: Climate Investment Funds

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