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Video – Virtual tour of the Eden Geothermal drilling rig

Eden Geothermal provides a fascinating virtual tour of the drilling rig in their Cornwall, UK-based operations.

Eden Geothermal has released a video of a virtual tour of the company’s drilling rig in their drilling operations in Cornwall, UK. The tour, hosted by Drilling Engineer Robbie Bilsland and published in the Exeter Science Center (ESC) YouTube channel, gives a fascinating account of the different parts of a drilling rig and how each contributes to the drilling operations.

The video was produced as part of the ESC Live project that aims to engage young people aged 4-19 in learning about engineering and engineering careers, and to develop the skills of those involved in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning. The project was funded by the Engineering Education Grant Scheme.

Drilling of the first well of Eden Geothermal was completed on November 2021, as we reported. As of the latest update, testing of well EG-1 has resumed following a brief pause to address reports of microseismicity. The Bentec 450 Eurorig, as seen in the video, was instrumental to the drilling of well EG-1.

Source: Eden Geothermal

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