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Webinar – Deep Geothermal by PLASMABIT Technology, April 9, 2021

Join the next IGC events webinar, April 9, 2021 with Igor Kocis of GA Drilling, on how Plasmabit drilling technology can help tapping deep geothermal resources.

Large-scale geothermal energy has long been constrained to volcanic areas where heat can easily be captured and turned into electricity. Today, breakthroughs in drilling techniques are opening new horizons for the technology, offering the prospect of “Geothermal Anywhere”.

Join IGC events for  an informative Webinar on “Deep Geothermal by PLASAMABIT Technology” with Igor Kocis, CEO and  Founder of GA Drilling, a drilling technology player headquartered in Slovakia with branches in Bristol, Abu Dhabi and Houston.

GA Drilling was founded in 1994 as Geothermal Anywhere  and rebranded as GA Drilling in August 2013. GA Drilling is developing and commercializing PLASMABIT drilling technology platform.

Exploring how we can tap deeper geothermal resources has been a hot topic for a long time, put simply, deep geothermal increases the availability of geothermal energy because the drills go deeper to where the Earth is hotter and the amount of energy available increases by around 30 degrees C per kilometre. We previously reported on the company.

According to industry estimates, 70% of the Earth’s territory could provide geothermal power using modern drilling techniques, but between 40 and 70% of the cost of big geothermal projects is spent on hiring, shipping and using the drill. PLASMABIT® drilling platform developed by GA Drilling has clear step-change cost, performance, working life and environmental impact advantages compared to a conventional mechanical bit in deeper depths:

By combining PLASMABIT® solution with conventional off the shelf modular system, in conjunction with engineering, procurement, and construction partners, PLASMABIT® will deliver the ultra-deep geothermal energy at low cost anywhere.

PLASMABIT technology ignition (source: GA Drilling)

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