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Webinar – geothermal energy a solution for Brazil? – June 26, 2020

Our Spanish sister publication PiensaGeotermia has published a webinar invitation on “Geothermal energy: new energy efficiency solution for Brazilian industry and buildings in Brazil”, June 26, 2020 at 4:30pm (Brazil)

The webinar will feature the results of a study on geothermal for Brazilian industry and buildings and is organised by I Care & Consult Brasil.

A few weeks ago PiensaGeotermia reported on the study (we shared it) of the use of geothermal energy in Brazil in an interview with Hélène Hofmann.

Continuing with the study carried out by I Care & Consult Brazil, on the potential of geothermal energy in Brazil, together with researchers from the National Observatory and the University of Sao Paulo.

The seminar aims to share the results of the study for the actors in the Brazilian energy transition and jointly define the next steps for the development of the geothermal market in Brazil.

Register at the following link to access the webinar:

Statement sent via email by I Care & Consult Brasil

Source: Statement sent via email by I Care & Consult Brasil via PiensaGeotermia

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