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Webinar – Legal Aspects & Challenges of Geothermal Industrial Parks, Sept. 16, 2020

Join the U.S. Energy Association (USEA) and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) for the second installment of the Geothermal Industrial Park webinar series presented by the U.S.- East Africa Geothermal Partnership (EAGP).

In this second webinar of this series, Baldvin Björn Haraldsson – Founding Partner at BBA//Fjeldco and Antoine Lochet, Counsel at BBA//Fjeldco will discuss the Legal aspects and Challenges of geothermal industrial parks.  BBA // Fjeldco is an Icelandic law firm that has been working with the geothermal sector on various angle and across the world, and among others created the “Geothermal Transparency Guide“, a great overview on regulatory frameworks for geothermal exploration and exploitation.

The presenters will discuss legal issues and challenges encountered in geothermal activities, especially in projects involving direct and/or cascade use of geothermal resources. The first part of the presentation will deal with the main legal aspects of geothermal projects including ownership of the resource, access to land, licensing and contractual issues. The second part of the presentation will consist of a case study of the Reykjanes Resource Park project and the legal aspects of that project.

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