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Webinar Recording – Re-using geothermal produced CO2 in geothermal power plants

In this presentation, Prof. Dr. Alper Baba of Izmir Institute of Technology shares the experience and research on re-using geothermally produced CO2 in geothermal power plants.

Scaling is a serious issue for geothermal power plants since it remarkably decreases the harvesting of energy. In a webinar held in August 2020, Prof. Dr. Alper Baba of the Izmir Institute of Technology’s Geothermal Energy Research and Application Center shared his research and experience on the topic.

The reduction of pH by organic acids whose structure is close to CO2 for instance formic acid has been an effective solution for the minimization of scaling. Herein, the effect of CO2 injection on the formation of scaling particularly metal-silicates was investigated for the model case of hypersaline geothermal brine in the northwest of Turkey.

Source: Enerchange/ YouTube

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