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Webinar – Update on Eavor’s closed-loop geothermal system – July 24, 2020

In this webinar on Friday, July 24, 2020, Eavor’s innovative closed-loop system and their first commercial scale implementation in Geretsried, Germany will be discussed by Robert Winsloe, Executive Vice President at Eavor Technologies Inc.

At the IGC Online webinar Friday, July 24, 2020, Robert Winsloe, Executive Vice President at Eavor Technologies Inc., will provide an update on Eavor’s innovative closed-loop system and their first commercial scale implementation in Geretsried, Germany.

An Eavor-Loop (TM) is essentially a large, buried radiator that extracts heat from the earth purely through conduction, with no fluid exchange between the process and the reservoir – a closed loop. Multiple horizontal laterals are drilled from the vertical inlet and outlet wells and intersected to form a large sub-surface heat exchanger. Flow is driven in the system purely by a thermosiphon effect eliminating the parasitic pump load.

In 2019, a pilot scale demonstration facility, Eavor-Lite (TM) in Canada successfully demonstrated Eavor’s ability to drill and intersect an Eavor-Loop (TM), seal the laterals using proprietary Rock-Pipe (TM) completion technology, validate the thermodynamic performance of the system and demonstrate thermosiphon operation.

An added unique benefit of an Eavor-Loop (TM) is that it can be dispatchable; a 10MW plant can deliver 240MWh over a 24 hour period in almost any shape.  Energy can be stored sub-surface and extracted strategically by adjusting the operating parameters to produce peak energy when required and promote system flexibility and grid stability.

The Geretsried project in Germany will be Eavor’s first commercial scale Eavor-Loops (TM) deployment.  The first phase will consist of four (4) Eavor-Loops (TM) and will deliver 8.6 MWe electrical capacity plus 65 MWth thermal capacity to a district heating network.  Two further phases including an additional 48 Eavor-Loops executed in a repeatable manufacturing process across the license area, will result in a cumulative 200 MWe of electrical capacity over the three phases. Through this manufacturing style approach rapid progression down the cost curve is anticipated.

Robert Winsloe

Robert has nearly 40 years international business development, sales, marketing and management experience in the energy industry.  Graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he lived and worked in Indonesia, Australia and India for Schlumberger. Returning to Europe he joined IBM, before going on to build and manage international sales and marketing organisations for Halliburton and IHS, as well as personally closing multi-million dollar energy related contracts across Europe, Asia and Africa and North and South America. He advised Chinese state companies on strategic gas development and has been a frequent consultant to the World Bank on projects ranging from energy planning in Angola to infrastructure development and capacity building in Mauritania.

Source: IGC Online Webinars

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