19.4 MW Baklaci geothermal plant in Alasehir, Turkey starts operation

19.4 MW Baklaci geothermal plant in Alasehir, Turkey starts operation Baklaci geothermal plant, Alasehir/ Manisa, Turkey (source: Akca Enerji)
Alexander Richter 24 Jul 2018

Akca Enerji has brought its 19.4 MW Baklaci geothermal power plant online in Alasehir, Manisa, Turkey. The plant was built by Ormat.

As reported by Akca Enerji, the company has brought its 19.4 MW Baklaci Geothermal Power Plant in Alasehir / Manisa online late last week.

Within the scope of the contract made between Akca Enerji and Alasehir Municipality, Alasehir Baklaci determined that there is a high potential for electricity generation in the 4 geothermal wells that the company drilled as a result of the technical studies carried out in our land with licenses for geothermal energy and EPRK license application was made and production license was obtained.

The contract for the supply of high efficiency organic rankine cycle (ORC) turbine with Ormat was signed on December 2016 for the Baklac JES plant planned to build a 19.4 MW capacity power plant.

The facility was put into operation on July 20, 2018.

Domestic turbines and equipments have been used in the geothermal plant and the electricity produced will be evaluated commercially under the local incentive mechanism of YEKDEM.

  • Baklaci JES Transition to Business: July 2018
  • EPDK License No: EÜ / 7746-1 / 03882
  • Geothermal Welding Operation License: TC Manisa Special Provincial Administration General Secretariat No: 2012/27 24/12/2012
  • Facility Location: Alasehir / MANISA
  • Estimated Installed Capacity: 19,4 MWm
  • Turbine Type: Ormat (Binary)
  • Number of Units: 1 unit

Source: Akca Enerji