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Geothermal Energy Market Research

As the trusted source of news and information on global geothermal development and our global coverage since 2009, we have supported the geothermal energy sector for more than a decade. As part of our work we have created an extensive database of companies, geothermal power plants and projects in development.

While publishing some of our research, such as our annual Global Top 10 Geothermal Power Countries, we have extensively been working on desktop research for clients, but also released some of it for the public. The publication and sale of country and topic-specific reports has been on the agenda as well.

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The geothermal energy sector is currently undergoing a large transformation. From predominantly deep geothermal resource utilisation for power generation, the sector has evolved on a broader scale from power generation to include direct use, yet also technological development in the approach to drilling, generating electricity and direct use.

Our detailed coverage and research of the fundamentals of the geothermal energy market make it easier to understand the dynamics of geothermal development in specific markets or more general on a global scale. Our analysis provides you an edge into evaluating geothermal energy investment options.

Bespoke research and consultancy

Our group of experts from around the world will work with you to address your business challenges in approaching the geothermal energy market, including:

Geothermal energy in the overall energy market
Project development opportunities
Operating geothermal assets
Service sector overviews

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Featured research

Here below an example of the data we have been sharing to our readers and at conference, in our “Annual Global Update on the Global Geothermal Power Market” (Status April 2020)


Our latest thinking

As part of our premium service to subscribers [this is part of the “donation/ subscriber” package], we are providing regular updates on current market trends and development worldwide. This is shared in regular newsletters and white papers on specific topics.


An extensive research on all geothermal power projects under development and planned worldwide for a client in the financing world. The report looked at concrete geothermal development by region and country, stage of development and expected development in the coming years.


We have further worked on concrete market overviews for specific countries for companies looking at entering the market both as investor and service provider.


Our team

Alexander Richter – Global Geothermal Alliance/ IRENA Meeting 2020

Led by Alexander Richter, the founder and editor of ThinkGeoEnergy and former President of the International Geothermal Association (IGA), our research team consists of a network of experts covering the complete value chain of geothermal development, related services, as well as investment and finance.

Alexander Richter started his career in geothermal as the lead geothermal analyst for Icelandic investment bank Glitnir, producing a wealth of research reports, among them an annual U.S. Geothermal Market Report. Following the establishment of ThinkGeoEnergy in 2009, he has worked as a consultant for a wide variety of players in the geothermal market, including development banks, service providers, developers and financial institutions. The work includes overview on global geothermal development, regional market reports, strategic evaluation of market opportunities and bespoke research on project opportunities on a global scale.

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