About ThinkGeoEnergy

About ThinkGeoEnergy

The global energy sector is in the middle of a dramatic transformation and transition to renewable energy. The rapid expansion of renewable energy deployment sees a focus on intermittent energy sources and electricity, often neglecting opportunities provided by other clean energy sources, such as geothermal energy. With its capability to provide not only clean and sustainable energy for power generation, geothermal energy particularly shines in its offer to the transition of the heating and cooling sector globally.

With market research, authoritative news and events, ThinkGeoEnergy is the leading information services provider for the global geothermal energy sector and the market it serves.

News and Online

ThinkGeoEnergy delivers business-to-business news with a focus on development, technology, finance and related topics, paired with market analysis and events informing and connecting players in the international geothermal energy market. Since its inception in 2008, ThinkGeoEnergy has focused on geothermal power generation and large scale-direct use of hydrothermal resources. At the same time with new topics such as deep geothermal heat exchange systems, storage, mineral extraction from geothermal brine, we are adapting our coverage on new technological developments and advancements on a constant basis.

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TGE Research

With our global coverage since 2008, we have created an extensive database of companies, geothermal power plants and projects in development. While publishing some of that research, such as our annual Global Top 10 Geothermal Power Countries, we are working mostly on desktop research for clients. The publication and sale of country and topic-specific reports has been on the agenda as well.


ThinkGeoEnergy has partnered with various conference organisers over the years, including national and international geothermal associations, private conference organisers and since 2016 together with our German partner Enerchange GmbH & Co.KG the IGC.events collaboration that established IGC Turkey, the largest annual international geothermal conference in the fastest growing geothermal market of the past 20 years, and IGC Invest Geothermal, an annual geothermal finance and investment forum. At the same time, ThinkGeoEnergy has organised webinars and related events online. With the changes on the market due to the current situation (March 2020), we will likely see an increased effort on developing virtual event concepts with our partners within and outside of the industry.

International Editions

With the global nature of the geothermal energy industry, and language barriers to specific markets, we saw a niche to provide specific language versions of ThinkGeoEnergy and founded PiensaGeotermia.com our Spanish language service in 2012, and JeotermalHaberler our Turkish language service in 2016 (in partnership with Enerchange).

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Meet the Team

The ThinkGeoEnergy team (from left to right) – Alexander Richter, Cannur Bozkurt (JeotermalHaberler) based in Turkey, and Carlos Jorquera (PiensaGeotermia) based in Chile, at the IGC Turkey geothermal conference, Izmir, November 2019 – missing on the picture is Carlo Cariaga, who is based in the Philippines.


Alexander Richter – Founder & Principal
Alexander founded ThinkGeoEnergy in 2008. He has been a Director on the Board of International Geothermal Association (IGA) since 2013, its President 2016-2020, and Director-at-Large on the Board of the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association (CanGEA) since 2011. He has been a spokesperson for geothermal energy at many of the major geothermal and renewable energy events internationally.
Before establishing ThinkGeoEnergy, he was a founding member of the first and only geothermal energy focused investment-banking team at Icelandic bank Glitnir (now Íslandsbanki). There he was leading the team’s research efforts and worked on business development with clients globally from 2005 to 2011.
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Cannur Bozkurt – Geothermal Energy Consultant & Editor, JeotermalHaberler
Cannur Bozkurt has a BC in Geology/Hydrogeology Engineering Department from Hacettepe University, and completed Geoscience Graduate Diploma Program in IFP. She has 10 years’ experience in Oil & Gas Industry, G&G Departments for both onshore and offshore operations as exploration & wellsite geologist and petrophysicist. She has been working in the geothermal sector since 2011, first as Country Manager at Transmark Turkey 2011 to 2016, in 2017 for JESDER – the Geothermal Power Plant Investors of Turkey, and has been involved in developing the utilization of geothermal resources in Turkey. She founded Armoni Geothermal Energy Consultancy Services in 2017 and is providing project management services. Armoni is engaged in several projects funded by the EU, EBRD and the World Bank.
Besides her consultancy services she is the editor of JeotermalHaberler, ThinkGeoEnergy’s Turkish language service and has been a fundamental part in the organization of the IGC Turkey geothermal conference under the partnership of Enerchange and ThinkGeoEnergy. She is also Board Member of Chamber of Geology Engineers – Izmir Branch and Turkey Ambassador of IGA (International Geothermal Association).
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Carlos Jorquera – Senior Energy Specialist & Editor, PiensaGeotermia
A Senior Energy Specialist, Carlos has extensive experience in the power sector in Latin America and Europe. He has specialized in geothermal energy, more generally in energy transition and policy making process topics.
Carlos is a permanent member of the Chilean Renewable Agency ACERA and active member in different working groups for the improvement of market conditions for Renewables in Chile. He has a strong experience in the power sector, renewables and geothermal industries: power regulation, project management, business development, contract negotiation, project financing, corporate risk management, company and project acquisitions, JV & partnerships for project development, project controlling, consulting, procurement, international bidding processes.
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Carlo Ace Cariaga – Copywriting & Social Media – ThinkGeoEnergy
Experienced Geochemist with a demonstrated history of working in the oil & energy industry. Skilled in Gas, Petroleum, Graphic Design, Geochemistry, and Geothermal. Strong research professional with a Post Graduate Certification focused in Geothermal Energy Technology from University of Auckland.
Carlo is working on content creation, copywriting and is the master mind behind ThinkGeoEnergy’s social media activities, with a focus on Facebook and Twitter
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Legal Information

ThinkGeoEnergy.com and its related services are operated under ThinkGeoEnergy ehf., an Iceland-registered limited liability company.

Business address:

Grensásvegur 9
108 Reykjavik

Corporate ID/ kennitala: 460709-1800
VAT number: 101877

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