3S Kale brings 25 MW geothermal plant online in Aydin, Turkey

3S Kale brings 25 MW geothermal plant online in Aydin, Turkey 3S Kale geothermal power plant, Aydin/ Turkey (source: 3S Kale)
Alexander Richter 21 Oct 2018

3S Kale has brought its first geothermal power plant online in Aydin, Turkey. This new plant adds 25 MW in geothermal power generation capacity to Turkey.

Reported by our sister publication JeotermalHaberler in Turkey, 3S Kale Energy, owned by Kale Holding, has received authorization by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources for the start of operation of its 25 MWe JES-1 geothermal power plant. The JES-1 geothermal power plant in Aydin has now been commissioned and started electricity production.

3S Kale Energy, which works in the field of clean and renewable energy, has focused on geothermal energy ‘as an energy production company. The company has a total of 7 licenses including one in Aydin, five in Nigde Region and one in the region of Manisa.

The JES-1 geothermal power plant with 25 MWe capacity installed in Aydin license consists of seven production and six re-injection wells. 3S Kale’s JES-1 Project, which is a growth target such as reaching at least 100 MW geothermal power plant capacity in the coming years, costs about $ 84 million.

With the addition of this plant, Turkey’s total installed geothermal power generation capacity increased to 1,262.8 MWe.


Source: our sister publication in Turkey, JeotermalHaberler