ARGeo Forum on geothermal investment and opp. in Kenya, Nov. 3, 2020

ARGeo Forum on geothermal investment and opp. in Kenya, Nov. 3, 2020 Construction of Olkaria V geothermal power plant, Kenya Oct. 2018 (source: LinkedIn/ Roberto Razo)
Alexander Richter 13 Oct 2020

The Geothermal Association of Kenya will be hosting a forum for geothermal investment and opportunities in Kenya as part of the virtual ARGeo Event on November 3, 2020.

The Geothermal Association of Kenya (GAK) has announced a Forum for geothermal investment and Opportunities as part of the ARGeo event  under the  theme “Sustainable Investments in the Geothermal Sector” on November  3, 2020.

This forum will be held on the 3rd of November 2020 from 8am to 5pm, East African Time to provide a platform and information on sustainable utilization and investments in the geothermal energy sector.  The forum is intended to provide an interactive section for private sector, public sector, financing institutions and the legal fraternity. The Forum will involve;

  • Attendance of Government of Kenya energy sector, Finance and County Government institutions which provide the legal, statutory and regulatory framework for the holistic development of geothermal resources (including direct use). The forum will discuss challenges and opportunities in the development of geothermal resources in Kenya.
  • An opportunity to Investors to interact with Government of Kenya officials, institutional, regulatory and other country stakeholders, and discuss the prospects, challenges, opportunities and benefits of developing geothermal energy projects in Kenya. This will include discussions on the stakeholder engagement and management through collaborative initiatives by IPPs, Public sector and County Governments, land acquisition, transmission lines, power off taker and project structuring through Independent Power Producers and Public Private Partnerships.
  • An interactive discussion on project financing (equity & debt), bilateral financing, project risk mitigation through public and private partnerships.
  • Contributions by the legal fraternity associated with development of geothermal projects.

The Investment Forum shall be held as a Pre-Conference at the ARGeo C8. Please contact the persons below to indicate your interest in participating in the Forum. We will contact all interested parties regarding next steps and further details.  All inquiries should be made through and addressed to the following individuals:

Name: Mike Karanja | Contact Information: COPY Call +254 759 213 020 in you have further inquiries.

Draft Program can be accessed here.


  1. When: 3rd November 2020
  2. Time: 8am to 5pm, East Africa Time
  3. How: Via ARGeo C8 Virtual Platform. Participation & Registration Details Shall Be Shared With Interested Parties.

Source: GAK