Article: IMF destroying best arguments against clean energy

Article: IMF destroying best arguments against clean energy Snapshot IMF Report on Energy Subsidies
Alexander Richter 27 May 2015

Will the age old argument of green energy being more expensive than fossil fuels be finally put to rest?

We have all heard the age old argument that developing renewables is too expensive when compared to traditional energy sources such as fossil fuels. Thsi is probably one of the biggest stigmas behind our industry that has been used for far too long.

According to a recent post in the Energy Finance Report: “For more than a decade, fossil fuel supporters have insisted that new clean energy technologies like wind and solar are far “too expensive” to replace our traditional fossil fuel dominated energy industries.  A recent report published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has put a price on the direct and indirect subsidies that support fossil fuels as a counter argument to the renewables are “too expensive” message.”

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Source: Energy Finance Report