Australia and European partners found an alliance on EGS technology

Geothermal drilling rig at Jolokia 1 well, Australia (source: Geodynamics)
Alexander Richter 9 Mar 2011

Australian consulting firm Hot Dry Rocks announces it has signed an MoU with three European agencies to form the EGS Global Group, an alliance to promote EGS technology.

In an announcement by Australian engineering and consulting firm Hot Dry Rocks, the company announces the formation of a
global geothermal energy alliance of Australian with European partners focusing on EGS technology.

“Australia is well-placed to capitalise on the advanced knowledge and development of Europe’s unconventional geothermal energy sector and maintain its own status as a world leader in driving local development of what is a virtually limitless renewable energy supply.

EGS (engineered geothermal systems) draws heat directly from the earth as an emissions-free, low-cost energy source ideally suited to providing clean base load power, according to Australian geothermal consultancy HDR (

HDR announced today it had signed an MoU with three European agencies to form the EGS Global Group, an alliance aimed at building awareness and development of EGS in Australia and around the world.

“EGS has the potential to be the cleanest, most reliable, and one of the cheapest sources of renewable energy available,” HDR’s Technical Director Graeme Beardsmore said.

“Now that we have a carbon price mechanism on the government’s agenda, providing more certainty for developers, investors and power consumers alike, this is the ideal time to increase efforts to promote EGS as the future energy alternative and the EGS Global Group allows us to take this lead.”

Australia has the hottest known near-surface rocks outside of volcanic areas anywhere in the world. These provide Australia with world-class opportunities for EGS energy developments.

Not only do EGS resources exist in vast quantities within 5 kms of the earth’s surface, but decades of research in Europe, America and the Asia-Pacific region has established proven techniques for safely extracting the heat energy by pumping water through the earth’s hot rocks and back to the surface where the heat is used to drive turbines and generate electricity.

The founding companies of the EGS Global Group include HDR; British industry leader EGS Energy Limited; Germany-based BESTEC GmbH; and, GPC Instrumentation Process SARL of France.

EGS Energy spokesman Guy Macpherson-Grant said a shared understanding between the four countries’ leading geothermal specialists would help develop the sector responsibly.

“We see great value in forming this strategic alliance and working together to lead engineered geothermal systems (EGS) as it develops to be a substantial source of renewable electricity and heat around the world,” Mr Macpherson-Grant said.

“The respective business interests, experience and skill sets of the partner agencies fit well together, and by supporting one another to develop the sector, the EGS Global Group is paving the way for increased geothermal exploration and development.”

Mr Macpherson-Grant said the founding alliance partners were already working together on several geothermal projects across the globe, and the EGS Global Group would complement industry activities and advance EGS awareness globally.”

Source: announcement via e-mail