Austrian utility successfully completes third well for geothermal project

Austrian utility successfully completes third well for geothermal project Geothermal Heating Plant, Ried, Austria (source: Energie Ried)
Alexander Richter 22 Jan 2020

With the successful drilling of the third well, utility Energie Ried Wärme in Austria is now able to supply larger customers with geothermal energy fuelled heating.

Local utility Energie Ried Wärme GmbH in Austria has successfully completed the third geothermal well. Now other large customers from the region can be supplied with environmentally friendly heat from geothermal energy.

Since the beginning of 2014, numerous households, businesses and public buildings in the town of Ried and the community of Mehrnbach have been supplied with district heating in an environmentally friendly manner.

This was made possible by a geothermal project with two wells on behalf of Energie Ried Wärme GmbH, a joint venture between Energie AG Oberösterreich and Energie Ried. All permits for continuous operation of the third well have been available since December 2019. The third geothermal well was integrated into ongoing operations in January 2020. For this purpose, the heat is extracted from the water at 110 degrees Celsius, from a depth of 2,592 meters, in the heating center via two heat exchangers and passed on to the distribution networks of Energie Ried Wärme GmbH and Nahwärme Mehrnbach.

The excellent productivity of the third well with up to 100 liters per second allows the district heating network in Ried to be expanded further. Currently, 2,304 apartments, 177 single-family houses, 100 commercial plants and 8 schools are supplied with heat from geothermal energy. For larger customers such as the Ried hospital and the Ried barracks, thanks to the higher capacities through the third well, environmentally friendly energy can now also be made available.