Background on the geothermal development efforts on Saint Lucia, Caribbean

Background on the geothermal development efforts on Saint Lucia, Caribbean View over Soufriere, St. Lucia, Caribbean (source: flickr/ donnierayjones, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 19 Dec 2018

With early pre-feasibility studies and environmental and social impact analysis done, the development efforts for geothermal development in Saint Lucia, Caribbean could now move forward with exploratory drilling at Belle Plaine, Soufriere.

In an article posted this week, The Voice from Saint Lucia in the Caribbean, provides a great historical background on geothermal development efforts in the island state, dating back to the 1970s.

Following surface exploration work by Jacobs and then a pre-feasibility study by GeothermEx, three proposed sites were identified for exploratory drilling. The area of Belle Plaine, Soufriere was then chosen as a possible first site for development, due to accessibility and the availability of flat land.

In 2017, Panorama Environmental Inc. conducted an Environmental and Social impact Assessment (ESIA) which was released earlier this year. In April 2018, work on a public information and communication campaign to educated and generate awareness for geothermal energy was launched.

Here funding sources for the project so far:

  • World Bank assistance in concessional financing from the Global Environment Facility and the SIDS DOCK Support Programme of US$2 million ($1.17m for surface studies and related work)
  • Larger $22.54 million funding package by the World Bank for Saint Lucia Renewable Energy Sector Development Project (funded in parts by Clean Technology Fund, SIDS DOCK/ ESMAP, UK DFID, World Bank IDA – part of that is for geothermal.

The funding as part of the Saint Lucia Renewable Energy Sector Development Project will be used to cover cost of the exploratory drilling program and completing of the technical, policy/ regulatory and implementation preparation activities necessary for making a final decision on further geothermal development activities.

No details of when this will happen have been released.

For the full background see article, linked below.

Source: The Voice, Saint Lucia