BLM in Nevada approves Dixie Meadows project advancement by Ormat

Galena 2 plant, United States (source: Ormat)
Alexander Richter 20 Jan 2012

The local BLM office at Stillwater, Carson City District in Nevada issued decision record for final environmental assessment for the Dixie Meadows geothermal exploration project by Ormat Technologies, approving proposed activities.

The U.S. “Bureau of Land Management, Carson City District, Stillwater Field Office, issued the Decision Record for the final environmental assessment for the Dixie Meadows Geothermal Exploration Project, proposed by Ormat Technologies, Inc.

The decision is for the BLM to implement the Proposed Action alternative. The geothermal exploration project is in Dixie Valley, Churchill County, Nevada, approximately 75 miles northeast of the City of Fallon.

The EA analyzed potential impacts on the natural and human environment that could result from implementation of the geothermal exploration and testing project on federal lands. The primary objective of the project is to further evaluate the characteristics of the geothermal resources in the Dixie Meadows Project area.

The proposed activities include:

  • Constructing new access roads
  • Upgrading existing access roads
  • Constructing up to 20 well pads
  • Drilling and completing temperature gradient wells, observation wells, production wells and 1-2 water wells
  • Expand one minerals material site and construct one new materials site
  • Install a temporary above-ground water distribution pipeline
  • Construct or install necessary ancillary facilities including a temporary personnel camp

A determination has been made that implementation of the Proposed Action would not result in “significant environmental impacts,” to the natural and human environment, therefore a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) has been prepared separately to document that determination, and a Decision Record has been issued providing the rational for approving The Proposed Action Alternative.”

Source: BLM announcement via News4