BLM postpones its lease auction for Colorado until February

Alexander Richter 15 Nov 2009

BLM postpones its 800 acres geothermal auction until February to have more time to study potential effects on water and property rights.

Federal officials are delaying what was to be the first auction of geothermal leases in Colorado to resolve questions about the increasingly popular form of renewable energy.

The Bureau of Land Management had planned to offer 800 acres of public property for geothermal during its auction this month, but will postpone action on the proposed lease until its February auction. Federal officials want more time to study the potential effects of geothermal development on water and property rights.

Geothermal energy uses the earth’s heat as steam or hot water to heat buildings or produce electricity. Federal officials believe much of central and western Colorado have the potential for geothermal development.”

Source: Denver Post, further details on GJSentinel