Blog post on visit to Menengai geothermal direct use project

Geothermal well at Menengai, Kenya (source: flickr/ ScientificDrilling)
Alexander Richter 3 Sep 2015

A great blog post showcases the direct use project by GDC at Menengai, Kenya with pictures and provides some more details on the cascaded use of geothermally heated water.

The geothermal direct use pilot project by GDC in Menengai, Kenya has seen some coverage also here in ThinkGeoEnergy. In a blog post by Helen Robinson, a Geologist from the University of Glasgow, who is currently on a field trip at Menengai, she describes her visit to the Direct Use Project.

Describing the cascaded use system on site, which derives its heat from a single wellpad with a 2-3 MW output well.  Water for it is heated in a heat exchanger, and then pumped to the direct use projects with a temperature of 75 degrees Celsius.

The first project is the Dairy, which pasteurises milk at around 68 degrees Celsius, then the water is used for a a laundry. After that the water is cooled down to about 29 degrees Celsius for a fish farming operations. The rest of the water is used for watering tomato plants at a nearby greenhouse. The greenhouse is then heated at night as during the day the sun is sufficient to keep growing temperatures for the plants inside.

For pictures and more details see link below.

Source: Girlsonfieldwork-Menengai Blog