Boise geothermal system to undergo repairs in preparation for winter season

City of Boise, "This Building Uses Geothermal Heat" (source: flickr, Kenneth Freeman, Creative Commons)
Carlo Cariaga 20 May 2019

The geothermal district heating system for which Boise, Idaho has been known for will undergo massive repair and maintenance in preparation for the coming winter

With a $750,000 budget, repair and maintenance work on the geothermal system of the city of Boise is now underway. By fixing connections between pipes and finishing other needed maintenance in the summer, disruptive and expensive breaks can be avoided in the coming winter season.

A signature of the city, the geothermal system in Boise is responsible for heating nearly 6 million square feet of businesses and residences. It is a key component of the city’s initiative to attain 100 percent renewable energy by 2025.

According to city engineer Jim Pardy, the maintenance work will focus on addressing the corroded areas of the pipe system. Thermal sensing technology will be used to identify damaged points in the geothermal grid. The work will be done over the summer and will be coordinated with Ada Country Highway District, as they are also doing re-pavement work in a few major streets.

Source: Idaho News