Canadian government committee asks for data collection on geothermal energy

Canadian government committee asks for data collection on geothermal energy Website of CanGEA (screenshot)
Alexander Richter 13 Oct 2018

Recommendations of Canadian Geothermal Energy Association (CanGEA) receive good reception by Government Committee, that now recommends better data collection on geothermal data by relevant agencies in Canada.

The Canadian Geothermal Energy Association (CanGEA) has been pushing the fact that there is a gap in data on geothermal energy in Canada.  During hearings of Canada’s Standing Committee on Natural Resources in Ottawa in May, Can GEA recommended that the Geological Survey of Canada or Natural Resources Canada receive funding and a mandate to complete geothermal favourability maps for all of Canada. So far only four areas have been mapped, the latest being Nunavut.

Now it is reported that Standing Committee on Natural Resources released a report Titled “Rethinking Canada’s Energy Information System: Collaborative Models in a Data-Driven Economy” that actually recommended that the federal government of Canada designate a “one-stop shop” for detailed regional and national energy information that is “accurate, timely, transparent, comprehensive, user-friendly, internally-consistent, free-of-charge, responsive to the needs of individual sectors, and independent of political influence.”

The committee also recommended that the federal government work with stakeholders to identify gaps in Canadian energy information and mitigate these gaps by providing financial, legal and/or administrative support for data collection.

CanGEA was honoured to have been part of the process that resulted in this report. A quote of interest for geothermal energy: “Examples of energy topics that need better coverage include, among others: emerging technologies and new energy services, especially for biomass and new renewable energy sectors such as geothermal and solar photovoltaic” (page 11).

Source: The Rocky Mountain GoatHouse of Commons