CanGEA chair and founder Alison Thompson receives leadership award

Alison Thompson (center) at a TSX opening in March 2010 (source: TSX)
Alexander Richter 21 Jun 2010

CanGEA founder and chair Alison Thompson receives prestigious award in Canada for her leadership in developing the Canadian Geothermal Code for Public Reporting.

The Canadian Geothermal Energy Association (CanGEA) announces “that CanGEA Chair and Founder, Alison Thompson has been honoured as the 1st recipient of the Belle Mulligan Award for Leadership in Investor Relations. Alison received this reward Tuesday June 15th at the Canadian Investor Relations Institute’s (CIRI’s) 23rd Annual Investor Relations Conference in Ottawa, Ontario.

The Belle Mulligan Award for Leadership in Investor Relations is given by CIRI in honour of the late Belle Mulligan to recognize individuals who have shown singular leadership in one or more aspects of the practice of investor relations.

Alison Thompson is the first recipient of this prestigious Award based on her leadership through her involvement in developing the Canadian Geothermal Code for Public Reporting and through her efforts in the application of this Code, making Magma Energy Corp. the world’s first Canadian Code-compliant publicly traded geothermal energy company. “There are many people to thank today as one cannot win a Leadership award without a cause to champion and a team to work with,” said Alison. “I would like to thank the CanGEA team and its members for their forward thinking stance on what the Geothermal Reporting Code means for investor relations; my colleagues at Magma Energy for their extensive use of a voluntary Geothermal Reporting Code – leading by example and acting as a lighthouse for the industry; the investment community and especially the research analysts who have been early adopters of using the Code to report on geothermal companies.”

“Alison’s excellent work and leadership with respect to the Geothermal Code for Public Reporting has set the bar appropriately high for this award.” said Tom Enright, CIRI President & CEO.”

Source: Digital Journal