Capacity addition planned for Afyon geothermal power plant, Turkiye

Capacity addition planned for Afyon geothermal power plant, Turkiye Afjet Geothermal Power Plant (source:
Carlo Cariaga 16 Jun 2022

Afyon Geothermal Tourism and Trade Inc. (AFJET) has already contributed 65 million TL to the country's economy and is planning to add even more generation capacity.

Afyon Geothermal Tourism and Trade Inc. (AFJET) was established with the partnership of the governorship, municipality, Special Provincial Administration and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Afyon Province, Turkiye. AFJET has completed all its infrastructure investments as of 2012 and aims at 30 years of profitability in its projection. It also provides multi-faceted benefits by supplying Geothermal Water to Thermal Tourism Facilities and Greenhouses.

AFJET Geothermal Power Plant, owned by AFJET with an installed capacity of 2.76 MWe, is the first geothermal power plant in Afyon and was commissioned in 2018. AFJES produces 2.76 megawatts per hour and has a production capacity of 350 days per year. The electricity produced at the power plant is transmitted to the national distribution network via the transmission line.

AFJET General Manager Yusuf Ulutürk emphasizes that the power plant heats 2 million 960 thousand square meters of indoor space with thermal water. “We also supply 480 decares of geothermal sourced greenhouses and hotels with a capacity of 10 thousand beds for both heating and domestic use,” Ulutürk said.

Yusuf Ulutürk continued his words on the subject as follows: “Our power plant produces 2.76 megawatts of electricity per hour. Geothermal power plants are different from other power plants. While a wind farm or solar power plant can produce between 200 and 220 days, our power plant can serve 8 thousand 400 hours (350 days). We commissioned the power plant in 2018. Since 2018, approximately 70 million kilowatts of electricity have been produced. This has a contribution of approximately 65 million TL to the country’s economy.”

“Our country has now reached 1600 megawatts of power. We plan to increase this to 2,000 megawatts by 2025 and meet 5% of our total electricity generation from geothermal.” added Ulutürk.

Source: Milliyet via our Turkish language platform JeotermalHaberler