Case Study – Selling geothermal electricity – EDC in the Philippines

Case Study – Selling geothermal electricity – EDC in the Philippines EDC website snapshot, screenshot
Alexander Richter 6 Sep 2020

In a market where companies sell electricity directly, it is important to promote its power generation business, how EDC in the Philippines approaches this is an interesting case study.

Stumbling across advertisements by Energy Development Corp. in the Philippines that promote renewable energy based electricity, I thought I should share this here on the site.

In a market where geothermal energy competes with other technologies for customers in the electricity market, naturally the approach and possibilities differ greatly depending on the country one is in. But where companies and (and often need to) sell electricity directly to customers, it is important to promote not only the electricity based on price but the other attributes of it as well.

EDC titles its campaign on the theme “Shift to Renewable Energy”, highlighting its renewable energy power generation portfolio. The portfolio consists of 12 geothermal plants with a combined power generation capacity of 1,204.67 MW, one 150 MW wind power plant, 11.97 MW of solar power from two plants, and 132.5 MW from two hydro plants. This is a total of 1,499.14 MW.

So selling clean energy is the key theme, but so are also traditional commercial elements such as customized value added services, flexible contract terms, and smooth and comprehensive transition.

The environmental impact is another large element in its campaign. EDC also continuously reports on social initiatives locally in conjunction with its power operations, highlighting its CSR flagship programs, such its environment program, education and more.

The company has over the years been able to attract a number of large corporations as customers for its electricity, among them Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines, Inc. and Mondelez Philippines.

Learn more on how EDC approaches the sale of green, renewable and sustainable geothermal power.

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