Celle Drilling discusses trends in deep drilling industry, including geothermal

Celle Drilling discusses trends in deep drilling industry, including geothermal Scene from the 2017 Celle Drilling event (source: Celle Drilling)
Alexander Richter 11 Sep 2019

At this year's Celle Drilling, an international deep drilling technology conference, participants discussed technological developments and trends in the deep drilling industry, digitisation trends, but also an increasing interest in geothermal energy.

With more than 280 participants from 18 nations, the Celle-Drilling Conference was held this week for the ninth time in a row. For two days, experts discussed technological developments and trends in the deep drilling industry. This year’s conference was themed “Drilling in a Digital World”. With this theme, the organizers take the current trend in the economy to the increasing digitization of production processes and business processes. The event was initiated by the GeoEnergy Celle e.V..

The organization team consists of Thor Noevig, Wolfgang Geannt, Rainer Krispin and Ulrike Gieseke. The Program Committee consists of 21 people with Chairwoman Anne Bartetzko at the helm. Two days of drilling technology will take place in the Congress Union in both the Great Hall and the Europa Hall.

In the drilling industry, the task is to network and evaluate data from the wellbore faster and more efficiently with the service departments. Digitization processes will reduce the number of employees at the drilling site in the future. Instead, in the future, more and more work will be economically and safely controlled from the offices.

The event on 10th and 11th September 2019 addressed current political issues. So the participants dealt with the question of how the industry can contribute to the energy transition. A lecture area held on the subject of “Deep Geothermal Energy”. Most of the German and international energy consumption will cover the heat demand. The promotion of geothermal energy, especially from the deep layers of the earth, offers enormous potential for an emission-free, environmentally friendly and sustainable energy supply. However, the energy source geothermal energy is still economically too competitive with fossil fuels. So it is no wonder that climate protection plays a major role in the drilling industry.

With industry expertise in exploration and production drilling, the oil and gas industry experience can be transferred to geothermal energy. The Celle Drilling discussed how geothermal wells can be even more technically planned and run even more economically. And thus make their contribution to the energy transition. In turn, digitization of the industry plays a not insignificant role in improving the profitability of projects.

Innovative drilling technologies are also being researched and developed at the local research center “Drilling Simulator Celle” as a field office of Clausthal University of Technology. As part of an excursion, the second day of the conference offers the opportunity to find out about the technical equipment and overflowing projects of the research facility.

The increasing international significance of the conference and the location of Celle is evident in the large number of foreign visitors, especially from England, Russia, Norway, the Netherlands and the USA. This year, there was an 18-member Russian delegation, which would like to inform and exchange information on selected topics. Last year there were only ten Russian participants.

Launched by GeoEnergy Celle e.V., the conference has become firmly established in the industry. Every year research results from science and practical projects are presented and discussed. The “Celle Drilling 2019” was supplemented by an accompanying exhibition of 16 participating companies.

Source: Press Release via Celler Presse