CeraPhi Energy and CCV to produce Green Hydrogen from geothermal

CeraPhi Energy and CCV to produce Green Hydrogen from geothermal CeraPhi Energy infographic (source: CeraPhi website)
Carlo Cariaga 19 Jan 2022

CeraPhi Energy and CCV have partnered up to develop scalable Green Hydrogen production running on baseload geothermal power

CeraPhi Energy and Climate Change Ventures (CCV) have announced a partnership for creating Green Hydrogen. This collaboration will use the proprietary Closed Loop CeraPhiWell system to provide baseload power for continual electrolysis. With geothermal as the source of power for electrolysis, hydrogen can be produced without CO2 as a byproduct.

Through the combination of CeraPhi’s closed loop technology and CCV’s Innovative Hydrogen Technology, one of the goals of this partnership is to develop scalable Green Hydrogen production anywhere with baseload geothermal power. In a recent release, CeraPhi had also announced building a demonstration facility for converting oil and gas wells for their proprietary closed loop technology, as we reported.

“There is a lot of hype around Hydrogen’s role in the energy mix being a clean fuel to burn for heating or use for transportation, however, we know most of this is focused on the use of fossil fuel and whatever that’s, black, grey or blue, to produce this sustainably at scale means producing fossil fuels in vast quantities forever.” said CeraPhi Energy CEO Karl Farrow.

Farrow emphasized how geothermal is the best clean energy source for hydrogen production, given how it requires a 24/7 energy supply to allow it scale at a commercial level.

CCV is an integrated financial services and project development firm specializing in technology development for energy transition and carbon footprint reduction. Through its subsidiary Hydrogen Venture Ltd. (HV2), the company has established over £350M in developments in the EU and UK and aims to increase their portfolio of green hydrogen and synthetic fuels to over £1 billion in 2022.

“CCV is always looking for new technologies that enhance competitive pricing on green hydrogen production and we are delighted to have entered into this collaboration agreement with CeraPhi.” commented CCV CEO Horacio Carvalho.

Source: CeraPhi Energy