“It is a total investment of EUR 35-40 million ($39-45 million). Six months ago we started to work and we are satisfied with the results, we can build the first geothermal power plant in Croatia “, confirmed CEO of Turkish company MB Holding Muharrem Balat.

About eight years ago, the city of Bjelovar tried to gather a project group with private firms and the government but without success.

“From the initial investigation and planned geothermal power plant of 4.7 MW, the developer now plans the construction of a 10 MW geothermal plant. But there are also additional development for direct use applications that could follow, “explains the mayor of Bjelovar Antun Korušec.

The project won Turkish investors for this project, which has been crucial to get the project to this stage. The company and its team not only conribute financially but also with technical knowledge to develop this project, says co-owner of the Zagreb-based “GEOEN”, Dragan Jurilj.

Construction of the plant is planned to start in March 2016 with a planned start of operation in about 12 months from that point. Hot water from the project could be used for heating greenhouses or farms or for drying fruits and vegetables.