Course on Developing & Delivering Geothermal Power Projects

Ngatamariki project site in May 2012 (source: Mighty River Power)
Alexander Richter 23 Sep 2015

Green Power Academy is holding again a course on Developing and Delivering Geothermal Power Projects. Led by Hezy Ram, the course covers geothermal exploration and development through to project execution and financial planning.

Having held this course previously, Green Power Academy is now announcing the same course for November 10-12, 2015.

The course gives an introduction to developing geothermal power projects. Covering geothermal exploration and development through to project execution and financial planning.

This course provides an unrivalled, independent introduction to the geothermal energy business. It leads attendees through the process from exploration and development, to project execution and financial planning.

  • A comprehensive, commercially-focused understanding of the geothermal power development processes, from resource assessment through to construction and operation
  • Clear explanations of the key aspects of geothermal technology – resources, exploration, drilling and plant operations, using clear language suited to senior commercial people and non-engineers
  • The market economic and commercial aspects of geothermal energy, from both the wider economic conditions to specific project features such as EPC contracting and PPA arrangements
  • The key processes, phases and risk factors in individual geothermal projects
  • Quantifying the key learning points through interactive exercises and illustrations, including a geothermal project feasibility and an excel-based financial plan

It is led by Hezy Ram an expert with over 25 years’ experience of developing, delivering and raising finance (~$2bn) for such projects.

Read Hezy’s latest article entitled: ‘Spotlight on Geothermal in Indonesia – What role should the government play?’

More details via the Course Website