Despite challenging environment, Königsberg geothermal project not given up

Seismic study at Königsberg, Bavaria/ Germany (source: A.I.R. Geokraft)
Alexander Richter 25 Jan 2019

The developer behind the geothermal power project in Königsberg, south of Munich in Bavaria/ Germany has not given up development, despite recent set backs from geothermal projects in the region.

With recent set backs of the geothermal projects of Geretsried-Gelting, Weilheim and most recently Icking in Bavaria, some of the development in the region in the South of Germany have not lived up to the expectations by developers and local proponents alike.

One of the projects that has nearly been forgotten, is the project in Königsdorf in the South of Germany near to the Geretstried geothermal project.

The developer A.I.R. Geokraft chose a development location near the gravel works between Geretsried and Königsdorf. The seismic measurements were completed in 2012, drilling was scheduled for 2014 and commissioning in 2017. But not much has been heard since.

So the question is if the project has actually been discontinued. But as reported locally, Michael Riedl of A.I.R. Geokraft. said that “I’m still convinced that we can do it.” Of course, it has become difficult in the face of recent failures to find investors. But you are in talks. “The project still exists and it is still being persecuted.”

So lets see.

Source: Merkur (Germany)