DOE to push for subsurface engineering R&D initiatives

DOE to push for subsurface engineering R&D initiatives Navy I geothermal power plant near Coso Hot Springs, California (source: J.L. Renner, INL, via DOE, EERE)
Francisco Rojas 23 Jul 2014

The US DOE wants to pool R&D efforts from several sources such as industry government and universities to research common areas of interest to advance in subsurface engineering.

The US Department of Energy is eager to create consensus and agglutinate the efforts of industry, government and academics alike to foster research and development in subsurface engineering, according to a recent publication in the oil and gas journal.

In the article form this same source, Susan Hubbard, a senior scientist and director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Earth Sciences Division, said, “Improved subsurface utilization really is a key to our national energy security. There’s been a very nice dialogue across all the national laboratories about adaptive control of the subsurface.”

Areas such as subsurface storage management and understanding fracing dynamics do not only concern the oil and gas industry but also have more direct applications for the geothermal industry. By pooling efforts together, advances can be done and synergies can be obtained for common benefit.

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Source: Oil & Gas Journal Website