Dressing geothermal cooling tower in light for the Christmas period in Italy

Dressing geothermal cooling tower in light for the Christmas period in Italy Lights projected on cooling tower, Monterotondo (source: Enel Green Power)
Alexander Richter 10 Dec 2020

Enel Green Power has set up a christmas-themed lighting projection on the cooling tower of its geothermal power plant at Monterotondo Mirittimo in Tuscany, Italy.

The geothermal power plant of Monterotondo Marittimo lit up with a Christmas scenography which – in the intentions of the promoters – Enel green power, Municipality and Enel X – will illuminate the Tuscan nights with hope in this complex and particular Christmas 2020, so reported by Greenreport in Italy.

The system consists of a permanent lighting of the cooling tower through the installation of four scenographic projectors with Christmas-themed graphics that will be completely flexible and that, by virtue of this, in other periods or special occasions will allow to change the scenarios with themes specific and customized; 10 LED projectors are positioned along the entire diametrical perimeter of the tower that will give light to the structure, with a fixed basic mono-color lighting of which you can choose the color, even when the scenographic part will not be active, in order to guarantee the lighting of the tower 365 days a year.

It is therefore a novelty destined to last, well beyond the Christmas period. In fact, the artistic lighting initiative was born as part of a design idea that enhances an industrial asset of great importance which, due to its particular position, is visible even from a very long distance. The lighting system will remain permanent, as was the case for the Gabbro, Larderello and Castelnuovo Val di Cecina power plants which in these years before the Italian flag welcomed the luminous shapes of the constellations and fire red on the walls of their respective towers, to represent the magma coming from the heart of the earth, thanks to high-level artistic projects.

“The cooling tower that dominates Monterotondo Marittimo – comments the mayor Giacomo Termine – is a characterizing element of our ‘scenography’. It is the counterpart of the country, a symbol of work that signals our industrial vocation. Making it a screen and offering it to graphic mutations will make it even more important to our community. It will become a sort of beacon, a reminder and identification of our country.”

Source: Greenreport