Early work starts for geothermal project in Ernestinovo, Croatia

Early work starts for geothermal project in Ernestinovo, Croatia Map with the exploration blocks on tender in Croatia, June 2020 (source: CHA)
Alexander Richter 31 May 2021

Early exploration work is starting for a planned geothermal project in Ernestinovo, Eastern Croatia.

Research work has started to explore the geothermal potential in the municipality of Ernestinovo in Eastern Croatia. The developer Ensolx doo from Zagreb in Croatia was issued an exploration permit by the Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency and the Ministry of the Economy and Sustainable Development in October 2020.

The exploration at this stage only stipulates conducting an MT survey collecting magnetotelluric data, a passive method without a signal source in which there is no impact on the operator, the environment, the population or nature.

Magnetotelluric imaging involves measuring the natural fluctuation of the Earth’s magnetic field, and these fluctuations are induced by currents in the Earth that are then measured at the surface.

The exploration area of ??the Ernestinovo geothermal water reserve is located in the area of ??the municipalities of Ernestinovo, Antunovac, Sodolovci, Vladislavci and Cepin in the Osijek-Baranja County, with an area of ??76.66 square kilometers.

The investor will ultimately perform the interpretation of the above measurements and analysis of fluid samples, and if he determines a commercial discovery, he is obliged to prepare and submit a study on geothermal water reserves for verification. If the investor is then issued a geothermal exploitation license, he is obliged to pay a fee for the obtained quantities of geothermal water in the amount of 3.6 percent of the market value of the obtained quantities of geothermal water.

The exploitation of geothermal potentials, ie the preparation of a study for the entire Osijek-Baranja County was initiated by the prefect Ivan Anusic, who explained the advantages of exploiting the reserves of such water.

“The potentials are great and will affect the future of green energy and the development of agriculture and tourism. We will have a complete study very soon. Then we will know exactly what the potentials of each individual geothermal source are. We will know what we can do with it and we can do a lot. in it belongs to medical tourism, the use of thermal energy in the heating of greenhouses, production of electricity and heating homes and other establishments., which would lead to new jobs and new economic activities, “said Anusic.

Source: Glas Slovenije