East Java asks central government for management of geothermal sites

Mountains of East Java (source: flickr/ TidalPush, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 4 Aug 2016

The local government of Bojongegoro Regency in East Java is asking for the management of two geothermal sites by the central government in Jakarta.

The local government in the Bojongegoro Regency in East Java has asked for the Indonesian central government to manage two geothermal sites.

This was announced yesterday, by Agus Supriyanto, head of the Bojonegoro Energy and Mineral Resources Agency in East Java. The sites are Mount Puru and Mount Pandan.

This is seen as necessary as both sites are situated across three regencies, Bojo Negoro, Nganjuk and Madiun. The local government sees the need for a close coordination on development with the other two local administrations of Nganjuk and Madiun.

A meeting is planned to discuss a proposal related to development of a geothermal power plant to the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry.

Earlier, the Bojonegoro Environment Agency had taken mud samples from Kerondonan Village in late July. Hary Susanto, head of the research and laboratory at the Bojonegoro Environment Agency, said that an air content testing showed nitrogent content of at least 0.4 ppm and carbon dioxide content of 20.9 ppm. The air content testing was conducted at the same time.

The mud samples were taken to the East Java Environment Agency in Surabaya to be studied further.

Source: Tempo