EDC to continue geothermal expansion in Peru, Chile, Indonesia & the Philippines

EDC to continue geothermal expansion in Peru, Chile, Indonesia & the Philippines BacMan geothermal field, Batangas, Philippines (source: Julius Balbin)
Alexander Richter 10 Aug 2020

Energy Development Corp. (EDC) continues pushing ahead with geothermal development plans and investment in Peru, Chile and Indonesia, while also pushing capacity additions at its geothermal power plants in the Philippines.

Despite the ongoing challenges due to the covid-19 pandemic, the Philippines’ Energy Development Corporation (EDC) has indicated it will continue with its planned investments into international geothermal development. The company plans to push forward in Peru, Chile and Indonesia, while also expanding within the Philippines, so the Manila Bulletin.

In a statement to the paper, Richard B. Tantoco, EDC President and Chief Operating Officer said “we are continuing with our pre-development works in Indonesia, Peru and Chile for potentially larger capacity additions.”

In Indonesia, the company plans development at the geothermal working area of Graho Nyabu with a local partner. The company has received a drilling permit for one well within three years of signing the concession documents last year.

EDC has several other geothermal licenses in Peru and Chile. With limited news on the progress of the projects in the past year or two, it now seems to push forward on the projects, as we reported.

EDC further continues with plans for expansion of existing hydro and geothermal power plants, having earmarked $137-158 million for this in 2020.

EDC plans to expand its power generation capacity by 80 MW at existing geothermal power plants with binary cycle technology additions particularly at “Bacman (Bacon-Manito); in Leyte and Mount Apo plants,” according to Tantoco.

Based on EDC’s application lodged with the Department of Energy, it is eyeing 29 MW of capacity addition via its proposed Palayan binary geothermal facility; and another 20 MW from the Tanawon geothermal development venture at its BacMan plant in Albay and Sorsogon provinces.

Source: Manila Bulletin