Enel builds concentrated solar plant at geothermal plant in Nevada

Enel builds concentrated solar plant at geothermal plant in Nevada Stillwater geothermal power plant by Enel (source: Atlas Copco)
Alexander Richter 2 Apr 2014

Enel Green Power is building a Concentrating Solar Power Plant alongside its 33 MW geothermal power plant at Stillwater, Nevada. The plant is to help raise temperature of geothermal fluids, thereby improving yield of geothermal plant and increase power output.

Enel Green Power has started the construction of a concentrating solar power plant. The plant is to add 17 MW of power generation capacity to the existing 33 MW geothermal power plant of the company at Stillwater Nevada.

The site also situates a 26 MW photovoltaic plant.

The concentrating solar power installation is planned to contribute to the same turbines of the two binary-cycle geothermal units on site. Combining the baseload power of the geothermal plant with a daytime peak power generation from the solar thermal component is rather unique.

The CSP system will heat tubes of pressurized water, so Solar Industry Mag, helping to raise the temperature of the geothermal fluid improving the yield of the plant and increase the power output.

The cost for the CSP plant is estimated at $15 million and is planned to start operation towards the end of the year.

The power from the plant will be sold to NV Energy as part of an existing 20-year PPA.

Source: CSP World, Solar Industry Mag