Enel completes 5MW biomass extension of Cornia 2 geothermal plant

Enel completes 5MW biomass extension of Cornia 2 geothermal plant Tuscany - Cypress Trees In Val d'Orcia, Tuscany. (Photo by Roman Harak - Flickr - CC)
Francisco Rojas 27 Jul 2015

The biomass extension to the plant brings the total output to 18MW (about 30 GWh per annum).

Enel Green Power has finished a hybrid biomass extension for one of its plants, following news from November 2014 were the company announced the construction of an extension to the Cornia 2 geothermal plant in Tuscany Italy,

This plant supplements an existing industrial site, and the 5 MW of capacity from biomass will be added to a geothermal plant that currently has an installed capacity of 13 MW. The geothermal plant’s annual power output will be boosted by about 30 GWh. Enel Green Power has invested more than $18 million in the project.

According to ReNews, the extension feeds from biomass from nearby forests and quotes EGP saying: “Using the biomass, the steam entering the power plant is heated from an initial temperature of between 150° and 160° Celsius to 370°-380° Celsius, increasing the net electricity generation capacity thanks to both the increased enthalpy of the steam and the improved efficiency of the cycle, the latter of which is due to lower moisture levels during generation.”

This extension will also create jobs for locals; between 35 and 40, in order to feed the plant with the necessary biomass.

Source: ReNews