Enel receives exploration permit for project in Carumas, Peru

Cerro Baúl. Moquegua, Peru (source: flickr/ -Chupacabras-, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 22 Apr 2013

Peruvian subsidiary of Enel Green Power has been granted a 3-year exploration permit at Carumas, Moquegua in Peru by the Ministry of Energy and Mines.

Reported today, the Ministry of Energy and Mines of Peru has granted a 3-year geothermal exploration permit to Enel Green Power Peru.

Enel Green Power Peru is the local subsidiary of the green energy arm of Italian utility Enel.

The Chilata project is located in Carumas district, southern Moquegua. Different to many other projects in South America, the project does not seem to require negotiations with indigenous groups due to non-existence in this part of Peru.

The company now plans to conclude an environmental impact study for which it needs approval from the respective authority. After that the company can start exploration work.

Source: Utility Products