EPI and Nickel Asia award construction contract for Montelago project

EPI and Nickel Asia award construction contract for Montelago project Mindoro from a mountain top (Source: Flickr, CC, By: Dylan Walters - Above the clouds)
Alexander Richter 30 Sep 2015

Emerging Power Inc. and Nickel Asia awarded construction contract for the 40 MW Montelago geothermal project in Mindoro to Tamoin Industrial Services Corp., naming Turboden as plant supplier.

Philippine companies Emerging Power Incorporated (EPI) and Nickel Asia Corporation have awarded Tamoin Industrial Services Corporation (TISCO) belonging to Tamoin Group, two contracts related to the construction of a geothermal power plant of 40 MW in Mindoro, south of Manila, and a power plant in Surigao, respectively.

In a statement, Tamoin explained that, in this way, TISCO will provide engineering services for EPI during the construction of the geothermal plant in Mindoro as well as operation and maintenance services. The construction of this plant is done by the UTE TSK / Turboden.

The project involves a supply contract with the Philippine Department of Energy and will start its business in the first quarter of 2017. After commissioning, the plant will supply electricity to over 250,000 homes across the island. Besides receiving a steady supply, Tamoin explained that families will benefit from a reduction in turnover of about 40%.

TISCO is the result of the joint venture between Tamoin Group and the Philippine company GAAD Inc., specializing in complex gas energy projects, geothermal, oil, coal, renewable energy and transmission lines.

Source: ElEconomista