Ethiopia targets implementation of 17 geothermal projects

Ethiopia targets implementation of 17 geothermal projects Tulu Moye project site, Ethiopia (source: TM Geothermal Operations)
Carlo Cariaga 15 Sep 2021

With a combination of geothermal, hydropower, solar, and wind power projects, Ethiopia is aiming to be a major power player in Africa.

With a large-scale plan to invest up to $40 billion in 71 clean energy projects over the next 10 years, Ethiopia is targeting to become a major player in supplying electricity to the African continent. In line with this, the country expects to have 35,000 MW of installed geothermal capacity by 2037.

In the geothermal front, exploitation has already started in the Tulu Moye, Aluto Langano, and Corbetti projects in the Rift Valley. As we reported in August 2021, drilling has started in Aluto Langano for the Ethiopia Electric Power Company. To achieve the target installed capacity of 35,000 MW, Ethiopia aims to implement up to 17 geothermal projects. The goal is to supply this electricity more widely within East Africa.

As of today, the country has an installed renewable energy capacity of around 5,000 MW, but seeks to double it with current hydropower development. At the same time the country is looking at wind development with 24 wind power projects in the pipeline for the next few years. There are also 14 solar energy projects that are planned for the next 10 years.

Source: Afrik 21