European Geothermal Energy Council releases Deep Geothermal Market Report for Europe

Hekla Energy drilling rig at Mauerstetten, Germany (source: Iceland Drilling)
Alexander Richter 7 Dec 2011

The European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC) releases the DEEP Geothermal Market Report for Europe, that provides an authoritative and extensive account of the current state of development for the geothermal elecrticity and District Heating markets in Europe.

In an announcement at the GeoPower Europe event currently taking place in Mila, Italy, the European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC) reports the release of the EGEC Deep Geothermal Market Report. The report provides extensive data on the geothermal energy market in Europe focusing on the deep geothermal projects for power generation and district heating.

The findings of the report demonstrate that the market is growing, but expert analyses of geothermal electricity production and District Heating underline that there are a number of drivers to this growth, which need continued attention to keep the positive momentum.

Delegates gathering at the third edition of the official conference of the European Geothermal Energy Council, GeoPower Europe, have been informed of the strong growth in the deep geothermal market in Europe. Over 250 high-level experts from industry, research and the public sector have heard how the geothermal market is witnessing a strong growth, but to maintain and build upon this strong foundation, more support and investment is needed to make geothermal an even bigger part of Europe’s renewable energy mix.

The report is available via the EGEC website for members, but a preview of the findings can be found in posted presentations by EGEC via the link provided below.

Source EGEC