Exergy awarded contract for 12 MW Sarayköy 3 geothermal plant

Sarayköy geothermal power plant of GreenEco, Turkey (source: Exergy)
Alexander Richter 27 Mar 2017

Italian Exergy has been awarded a contract for the delivery of two 6 MW turbines for the planned 12 MW Sarayköy 3 geothermal power plant by GreenEco Enerji in Turkey.

Announced by the company in a release, Exergy signed a new contract with repeat customer GreenEco Enerji for the supply of a 12 MW geothermal plant in Turkey.

Exergy will provide a two pressure level ORC system equipped with two 6 MW Radial Outflow Turbines, producing a total power output of 12MW of electricity.

The plant will be located in the Sarayköy Area, in the south west of Turkey.

This third repeat contract signed with GreenEco Enerji, demonstrates the availability and performance of Exergy’s solutions, and raises the portfolio to over 360 MW of total power output, with 335 MW from geothermal resources.

Both turbines will be produced in the Turkish workshop in Izmir and will allow the client to obtain increased Feed-In-Tariff for the Made in Turkey technologies.