Exergy delivers ORC unit for Mindanao-3 binary plant, Philippines

Exergy delivers ORC unit for Mindanao-3 binary plant, Philippines EDC's first geothermal brine recovery plant with Exergy technology is now operational in the Philippines (source: Exergy)
Carlo Cariaga 29 Apr 2022

Using the ORC unit designed and delivered by Exergy, EDC has increased the capacity of the Mindanao geothermal site without drilling additional wells.

We recently reported on the inauguration of the Mindanao-3 binary power plant of Energy Development Corporation that expands the capacity of the 103-MW Mindanao geothermal site in the Philippines. Representatives of Italian EXERGY INTERNATIONAL were also on-site to attend the event as the supplier of the technology for the power plant.

EXERGY designed and delivered the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) unit for the binary power plant. The work was delivered in less than 12 months, complying with strict deadlines.

Part of the challenge was the fact that construction of the power plant started in early 2021, amidst the pandemic. This meant that EXERGY has to work within a timeframe while also complying with stricter on-site safety protocols.

The new binary power plant generates an additional 3.6 MW using residual heat from the geothermal brine of EDC’s existing Mindanao 1 and 2 power plants. The ORC cycle converts the heat to power through the radial outflow turbine. The brine from the binary power plant is then reinjected back to the reservoir.

“We are very proud of the successful completion of the first brine recovery power plant in the Philippines for EDC. This project demonstrates how pushing innovation, both in exploitation technologies and power plant design and technologies, can provide more sustainable and efficient solutions to better harness geothermal resources and improve the economics of geothermal projects” said EXERGY Sales Director Marco Frassinetti during the inauguration ceremony.

Source: EXERGY