EXERGY one of the key sponsors at IGC Turkey, 22-24 May 2017

EXERGY one of the key sponsors at IGC Turkey, 22-24 May 2017 EXERGY’s Akça plant, Turkey (Courtesy of EXERGY)
Alexander Richter 20 May 2017

With the IGC Turkey International Geothermal Conference about to start, we are proud having again the support of Exergy, a leading ORC power plant supplier in the Turkish geothermal market.

The 2nd IGC Turkey – International Geothermal Conference starts on Monday, 22 May 2017. With a strong industry interest, the event is a meeting point for industry, representatives of municipalities, energy companies, politicians and other stakeholders.

Featuring an exhibition element and strong support by industry players, we are proud to again have Italian EXERGY on board this year again as one of the cornerstone sponsors. The company will host the conference opening lounge on Day 1 and has also organised a field trip to two plants supplied by Exergy.

Exergy has been working heavily in Turkey delivering ORC geothermal plants. With also a workshop in Izmir, the company one of the main actors in the dynamic Turkish geothermal market.

As the world is making a successful push to renewables we now find a reaction to improve grid and storage capabilities in order to make better use of the expanding wind and solar generation capacity. This step to correct one of the main problems associated with renewable energy use has in many cases ignored the possibility of Geothermal supplying baseload renewable at competitive levelised cost of energy.

In this sector, Turkey has led the way. In 2017, Turkey remains the most active geothermal market with more MW of orders placed per year than anywhere else. This fantastic growth brings with it competition and innovation, and Exergy has been a driver in this respect, improving efficiencies, and plant economics and leading the market in Turkish manufacture. The spread of the Turkish manufacturing within the industry has had a positive contribution to technology advancement in the country. The company’s operating plants achieve high availabilities with the support of trained customer and Turkish Exergy service personnel. With over 340 MW of geothermal installations in operation or installation in Turkey,

Exergy continues to play a leading role in the market as Proven Innovators offering successful geothermal solutions benefitting our loyal customers, Exergy and Turkey.

EXERGY is the developer and manufacturer of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) turbines with the pioneering Radial Outflow Turbine technology. EXERGY’s proprietary technologies, covered by a number of patents allow for greater energy production via the exploitation of previously unusable heat sources from geothermal, waste heat from industry, biomass and concentrated solar power. EXERGY are part of the Maccaferri Industrial Group and sitting within the SECI Energia holding. From the headquarters in the north of Italy (Milan), EXERGY export and implement its technology worldwide with a particular focus on high growth potential markets such as Turkey, South-east Asia, North and South America.