Expro to provide integrated well services for Graben-Neudorf project in Germany

Expro to provide integrated well services for Graben-Neudorf project in Germany Drilling rig on site at Graben-Neudorf, Germany (source: video screenshot/ SWR)
Carlo Cariaga 22 Jul 2022

Expro will provide well construction and well testing services for an eight-well program in the Graben-Neudorf project being developed by Deutsche ErdWarme in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Energy services provides Expro has been awarded the contract for an integrated services package to support the Graben-Neudorf geothermal project being developed by Deutsche Edrwarme in Karlsruhe, Germany. The contract is for an eight-well program that includes well construction services and a bespoke high-rate surface well test system.

A member of the International Geothermal Association and the European Geothermal Energy Council, Expro has been supporting geothermal well services projects since 1986 and is recognized for its cost-effective, innovative solutions. The services of Expro will complement those of Ed. Zublin AG and Huisman Geo B.V.

The contract which began in June 2022 has the potential for a long-term extension to follow the eight-well drilling and testing campaign of Deutsche ErdWärme (DEW) across four power plants that is that covered by the initially contracted work scope. The project in Graben-Neudorf is considered to be a pilot of German geothermal energy, and more plants are planned in Dettenheim and Karlsruhe-Neureut, as we reported.

Drilling at the Graben-Neudorf geothermal project started on May 2022. This is an exploratory well that will help define the characteristics of the underground water reservoir. With favorable results, a second well is planned to be drilled by the end of the year.

“This is a significant award for Expro and strengthens our position as an integrated services provider to the growing and increasingly important geothermal sector.”” said Expro CTO Steve Russell. “This project provides Expro with an opportunity to demonstrate its ability to deliver a bespoke, project-specific well services package for our customers’ particular requirements. This contract also demonstrates our enhanced offering and capabilities in the geothermal sector and our commitment to a more sustainable and lower carbon future.”

“We are delighted to see well established oil and gas service companies like Expro showing real interest in the geothermal sector. The customer-oriented approach and dedicated back-office engineering expertise in conjunction with the broad experience in the execution of all kinds of well testing operations is exactly what our industry and DEW is looking for.” commented Deutsche ErdWarme Well Operations Manager Sebastian Homuth.

Source: Expro