Feed-in-tariffs possible option for geothermal development in Philippines

Feed-in-tariffs possible option for geothermal development in Philippines Makban geothermal power plant, Philippines (source: ThinkGeoEnergy, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 1 Sep 2015

The inclusion of geothermal projects into existing feed-in-tariff incentive scheme in the Philippines is on the table, announced by the country's Department of Energy in a recent Circular.

Media in the Philippines is reporting that feed-in-tariffs for geothermal projects could be included in the existing feed-in-tariff incentive scheme.

This comes out in a recently-issued Circular of the Department of Energy (DOE), but would be thoroughly studied before any decision on the policymaking front shall be firmed up.

“The body initiating discussions on FIT proposals is NREB (National Renewable Energy Board), so it started with them but we have to look at that,” she said.

The DOE Circular (DC2015-07-0014) sets a policy tone on the ‘wholistic implementation of the FIT system” so the country can maintain a 30-percent share of renewable energy on its power mix.

The circular framers under former Energy Secretary Carlos Jericho L. Petilla may have attempted to become ‘masters of subtlety’, but their intent is now turning obvious with the intensified lobby on the inclusion of geothermal and hydro to be part of the FIT system.

Monsada has explained that the FIT incentive for RE “is really to encourage investors, so we will have to see if it is necessary, we’ll have to evaluate. We have been doing things on the policy sphere on a piecemeal basis because what we see as necessary as of that time, that was the FIT that’s given.”

Source: Manila Bulletin