Financial Times on the great opportunity utilising abandoned coal mines for heating

South across Glasgow, Scotland/ UK (source: flickr/ stressedtechy, creative commons)
Carlo Cariaga 22 Aug 2019

In an article by the Financial Times, they look into the potential of using the water extracted from abandoned coal mines for zero carbon space heating.

Financial Times has published an excellent article on the potential of minewater – water trapped in abandoned coal mines – as a source of energy for heating. In the UK, this opportunity has been manifested by Lanchester Wines, who now has a working 2.4 MW system powered by minewater.

With 45 percent of the country’s energy production used in heating, the use of abandoned mines to generate heat can greatly help attain the government’s target of zero carbon emissions. For more details on the potential and successful application of minewater for heating, you may read the article linked below.

Source: Financial Times