First geothermal visitor center opened in Germany

Snapshot from the exhibition from promotion video
Alexander Richter 23 Nov 2011

Germany sees the opening of the country's first geothermal information center, the GEOlife visitor center by the Ueberlandwerk Gross-Gerau GmbH, close to Frankfurt/ Main, Germany.

Earlier this month, Germany saw the opening of the first geothermal visitor center. “Commissioned by the Ueberlandwerk Gross-Gerau GmbH, the GEOlife visitor experience centre offers an in-depth and informative guide into the world of geothermal energy. Visitors will be able to enjoy a „hands-on“ experience, feeling and touching what geothermal energy actually is. Information will describe the processes involved in exploring for geothermal resources, how they are accessed and how, in-turn, these resources are converted into usable energy as electricity and thermal heat.

This real-life experience centre will enable visitors to have a better informed understanding as to what lies beneath our feet, and, of the benefits that this low impact, environmentally friendly renewable energy has to offer.”

Information video of the opening (in German):

Source: Thermal E, more details via GG-Online (in German)