France raises feed-in-tariffs for geothermal by up to 70%

Alexander Richter 4 Feb 2010

France has raised the feed-in-tariffs for geothermal, by nearly 70% to $0.29 USD/kWh in continental france, and by 30% to $0.19/kWh in its overseas territories.

In an article on the introduction of new new feed-in tariffs for 2010 in France, Renewable Energy World descibes these to “include substantially higher geothermal, biomass, and building integrated solar PV tariffs than in 2009.

Media reports of the new solar PV tariffs have overshadowed the significantly higher tariffs for geothermal-electricity generation, and for biomass. Sex sells, and solar PV remains “sexier” than humdrum geothermal power plants and downright old school biomass plants.
Geothermal Tariff Raised Nearly 70%

The geothermal tariff in continental France was raised nearly 70% from €0.12/kWh to €0.20/kWh [$0.29 USD/kWh]. The geothermal tariff for French overseas territories, several of which have significant geothermal potential, was raised 30% from €0.10/kWh to €0.13/kWh ($0.19 USD/kWh).”

Source: Renewable Energy World