Free-to-use geothermal energy pictures provided by ThinkGeoEnergy

Free-to-use geothermal energy pictures provided by ThinkGeoEnergy Screenshot - ThinkGeoEnergy Geothermal Pictures on Flickr
Alexander Richter 20 Jun 2019

ThinkGeoEnergy provides geothermal pictures for the free use under a creative commons license on Flickr. To see the different picture sets see

Ever since starting in the geothermal energy industry now nearly 6 years ago, I was hunting good geothermal pictures. Often the pictures found were either not in a good resolution or one could not use them for copyright reasons.

Therefore I have encouraged the industry and people I have worked with to share pictures that people could use for their presentations, websites, articles etc. You will see that I source a lot of pictures on the ThinkGeoEnergy website via Flickr and other sites, but only if they are “creative commons”. While there are several levels of that licensing, in essence they allow you to use pictures if you reference them.

I just added pictures sets from three geothermal power plants in the North of Iceland, Húsavík Kalina geothermal plant, the Krafla and Bjarnarflag geothermal power plants. I think I have to spare my family the “geothermal detours” on our vacations in the near future.

So in order to provide pictures that I have taken, both at plants and events, I created a Flickr account two years ago. All the pictures there can be used freely and are available in high resolution. The only thing I would like to ask you is reference where you get the pictures (e.g. picture courtesy of

Be fair and don’t start selling those pictures. Let me know in the comments if you use the pictures and for what, would be interesting.

The pictures can be found in separate sets at:

If you want to share pictures you can add pictures to the Group Pool at Flickr at:

So while the pictures available are somewhat Iceland focused for now, we might be able to increase the good pictures available to help all of us selling geothermal in all its forms.

Looking very much forward to see more good geothermal pictures, but for now use the ones I share freely.