Funding received for early study on feasibility of geothermal development in Bogatic, Serbia

Alexander Richter 5 Nov 2017

Under regional funding, a small community in Serbia receives funding for an early stage feasibility study looking into the potential of geothermal energy use for heating and power generation.

As part of a meeting by partners of the “Danube Region leading Geothermal Energy (DARLINGe) in Budapest/ Hungary in October 2017, an agreement on the participation of the Municipality of Bogatic in Serbia was signed.

The project includes 15 partners from six countries in the region, and at the meeting the project was presented to geological institutes, universities, industrial sector, development agencies in the field of energy, ministries and municipalities. The leading partner on the project is the Hungarian geological and geophysical institute, under the guidance of a team of experts from the Faculty of Mining and Geology under prof. Dr. Dejan Milenic.

“The use of geothermal sources is the biggest development opportunity for Bogati?.”, said Nenad Beserovac, President of Bogati? municipality.

The project covers the central and south-eastern parts of the Danube Region, the total area of which is about 92,000 square kilometers: the southern parts of Hungary, the northeastern parts of Slovenia, the northern parts of Croatia, the western parts of the Republic of Srpska and the central and northern parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the northern parts of Serbia (Vojvodina, The cat and the northern part of the city of Belgrade) and the western parts of Romania. The total value of the project is EUR 2,525,760 (ca $3 million).

With this project Municipality Bogati? will receive funds in the amount of around EUR 30,000 euros, to be used for the preparation of the Study on detailed geothermal research and assessment of the possibility of producing heat and electricity from geothermal resources on the territory of the municipality of Bogati?.

Source: Energetski Portal